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"Welcome to my PCOS Blog" I'm Christie, 48, married to a much younger man and we have four dogs as our kids...

My personal crusade is to inform and educate women, men and the medical professionals on PCOS... Why? Knowledge is POWER! The info will save your life or someone you may or may not know...

PCOS is an endoctrine disorder affecting your whole body as a hormone imbalance...The PCOS symptoms wreak HAVOC through your entire body... Symptoms can be mild to extreme, one to numerous symptoms... You can be thin to obese...

My PCOS Journey started by a lingerie shop owner stating "You look like me"... We talked about PCOS a while...I kept mentally checking off all the symptoms she mentioned... My symptoms are mild, 28 of the 48 i found... I saw my doctor the next week, had a battery of tests done, researched everything i could find on PCOS... My diagnosis was PCOS, Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance (IR), Perimenopause, Hypertension, Rosacea and Preborderline Diabetes... My "Miracle Pill" is Glucophlage XR... On it i get thinner than when i was in 6th grade!

My blog posts are of info you need and should know...I urge you to pass the PCOS & Syndrome X word on... Yes, men get a version of PCOS called Syndrome X...

Feel free to email me privately...

Knowledge is POWER!

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Monday, April 09, 2007
Histerectomy & PCOS, my theory...



My Theory

Posted 7/10/03 11:07 PM
From friskyfilly
To  All    

Hello Ladies,I have been reading through your posts... I have to pose questions
with PCOS... Polycystic Ovary Syndrome...PCOS creates HAVOC on your hormones...Have your doctors ever mentioned PCOS to you?...Have you ever had a complete hormone set of blood tests done?...  Do any of you have PCOS?.... PCOS will still be present after a Hysterectomy....My theory is if doctors knew about PCOS and tested the hormones 1st... I feel less Hyterectomies would be done... The hormones would be straightened out before the thought of a Hysterectomy was thought of.... I realize some cases have no choice but to operate...1989 I had a complex mass with "cysts"... Hysterectomy was next, if ithe mass did not disappear... It left me, yippie!  I was given 7 different drugs that week...I have PCOS and am curious on the questions I asked above....

Thankyou Ladies

Posted 7/17/03 11:22 PM
From Jennifer
To  friskyfilly    

I am a 31 year old women and I have PCOS. I was told 7 years ago by my family doctor that as long as I didn't want to have a baby not to worry about it. I went to my yearly check ups and paps came back neg. I had very irregular periods for 20 years. I had one child when I was 20. When I got a period this year that went on for 6 weeks I went to a OB/Gyn. She refered me to an Endrocronologist. He did do all the blood, Urine and 3 hour gloucose tests and determinded I did have PCOS. He put me on a hormone to stop my period and talked about birth control and a diabetic drug to manage my PCOS, he also recomended a nutristionalist for me to see. Well the hormone he gave me stopped the bleeding but a week later it started up very heavy and would not stop. I was admitted a week later for being very animic and given 2 units of blood. The doctor gave me high doses of estrogen to try and stop the bleeding but I ended up needing a D&C. Then I went on birth control. A week later he called and told me that a pathology report came back and the endro sample he sent came back a typical. He recomended a hysterectomy if I was done having children. I went ahead with the surgery. The day after the surgury the doctor came in and told me the test results on my uterous were Severly A typical. This was 4 weeks after the D&C. He said the next step would have been cancer. Women need to know about PCOS, I put it off for years and I was very lucky to catch it before it turned to cancer. If anyone suspects PCOS find a good Endrogronoligist and follow threw with it.


Posted 7/18/03 12:36 AM
From friskyfilly
To  Jennifer


May I keep your story as a "reminder/note" to other women?  I am on a crusade to educate and inform women and doctors of PCOS & LOCAH... Your story is an extreme case that had a happy ending...Thankyou for confirming, if the PCOS was treated early on, maybe a Hysterectomy was not needed...


Posted 7/18/03 7:09 PM
From Jennifer
To  friskyfilly  

Please use it as you would like. I want as many people to know about this condition as possible. Anything else I can do please let me know.


Posted at 06:40 pm by ChristiewPCOS

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